Only focus on the slides that are highlighted and underlined. Do not do any of the other slides. So you are giving me the 3 slides and then the references you used, so 4 slides total. I will need speaker notes and no plagiarism, it will be checked.

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Introduction –

Slide 3: Food Additives – Main effects of food additives on living organisms

Slide 4: Drug Residues – Main effects of drug residues on living organisms

Slide 5: Food Contaminants – Main effects of food contaminants on living organisms –

Slide 6: Mycotoxins – What are they and examples

Slide 7: Mycotoxins – Effects on Organisms – What are the toxic effects of mycotoxins on living organisms

Slide 8: Pesticides – Overview –

Slide 9: Insecticides – What are insecticides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 10: Herbicides – What are herbicides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 11: Fungicides – What are fungicides and how do they effect living organisms

Slide 12: Conclusion

Slide 13 and on: References

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